Growing up we all had that classmate or classmates that we always looked up to, or was attracted to or even someone that we probably hated or envied. Where are they now? Where are you? What happened to the dreams and aspirations that we had for ourselves? Are we living them?
Personally when I was younger I was a dreamer, I would dream for me but more so for those around me. I would think about who they would turn out to be when they got older. I would add some age to their faces and see if I could predict how they would look in the future. As I got older and I saw some of them around, I would smile to myself as I approached them and would eagerly await a story about where they are now, what profession they are in and or how many kids they have. One would say perhaps that I secretly wanted to live through these people as I expected so much for them but it only left me to question, why do we always have so much faith in others and so little for ourselves? Why do we think that the story lived by others would have played out to be better than that than we live ourselves?




Is it that we placed these people on pedestals or do we first need to be appreciative for all that we have and come to the realization that where we are in this life is exactly where we are meant to be.







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