The Canvas We Call Life

Have you ever looked at a blank piece of paper and compared it to your own life, if not maybe you should try to. Our lives are only what we have made of them, we are often placed in many situations where we are supposed to make decisions but the choices we make have a propensity to be unique to us and us alone. When a writer is faced with a blank piece of paper, he or she must decide what to write about and how to start his or her sentence. This can be compared with our own lives as many of us are faced with situations which at first may appear so simple but yet we can never find the words to truly explain how we feel. I have grown up hearing people tell me that life is a canvas on which we are to write and depict our own destiny or path. So far in my life I have wondered whether people actually realize what their purpose is or if I have the wrong perception of what is all about. I perceive life as something which should be savored and enjoyed like a chocolate bar, soothing to the tongue but hypnotizing to the mind. I think life is all about creating and nurturing a family, finding love and molding lasting relationships and friendships. Then reality steps in when I see all the strife and destruction which exists in the world, what would become of our world without the sacrifice of loving another. I sometimes more so wonder what other people’s canvases look like or if they even know that their life is such.

Sometimes I think that we get a little misguided as we are guilty of spending their time looking for someone or something to complete them and make them happy. For many, the something can be in the form of a job, a house or even a new project but what becomes of you and your life when you make the wrong decisions or the wrong turn and then realize that your foundation is based on nothing. Happiness does not come in the form of someone walking into your life or a newly purchased toy; it comes from the journey which we all make towards finding that special someone or even buying that luxury or creating that lavish life. When you think that having a good life is all you need and you go home stressed and want someone to talk to, you may be in shock when you realize that there is no one around. My question here is who is to blame when you find yourself alone but this takes me back to the first article which I wrote about whether the perfect man exists and what is the definition of such. Although many women can be held accountable for seeking a man based on his status in society many of us do not go this route. Many women are starting to realize that a man’s status is not all as they more love the attention that is given. As most men may say women crave too much attention but how do women balance caring too much with loving too much.

Many men probably felt reassured at my first article where I hit at many women for discriminating men and not loving them for who they were but many men are also guilty of this. When you ask a man what they look for in a woman, many would say that they look at her body but only a select few spend the quality time to investigate or inquire about her personality. They spend their time looking at physical attributes and seem not to realize anything else. Who are we to judge someone based on looks alone? Do we think about having a future with the special lady based on her looks or more so on who she is and what she represents? Sadly for many no future lies in store for them if they fail to see the present that stands so clearly in front of them. A man once told me that he spent his life making a future for him and his girlfriend and she walked away from it all, he could sit and question himself everyday and ask himself where he went wrong but in life there are some things that we can have no control over. If we did have control over it what would we do different to save the pain of heartbreak, would we seek not to try so hard? For the gentleman which I mentioned, were his words enough to make her return or was his sacrifice in vain? Patience was once a virtue which was afforded to man but what does it mean when we could no longer afford to practice it and make a life for ourselves first before looking at someone to complete us. What does your canvas look like, is it empty or full of scribbles?Image


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