Cheating – Part II

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AWKWORD – The Dating Game (HD) (ft. The Incomparable Shakespeare; dir. Tone Spliff) on Vimeo by AWKWORD TV (Photo credit: AWKWORDrap)

What are the reasons why men cheat: I must admit that I was very tempted to sum it up in one line, “Men cheat because they want more sex”.

I even tried to get some of my friends to educate me on the reasons behind cheating and to tell you the truth many of them side stepped the topic and then eventually said that it is for sex. There were some who went a little further to explain what they meant and that was appreciated and duly noted here. Yes I may have noted their comments here but that does not in any way suggest that this is my way of thinking.

So this is my view on it, I think that woman was placed on God’s green earth to keep man’s company, making sure that he was happy and that he had someone to share his life with. In the Bible, no matter what version you read, we read how God created Adam and then he realized that he was lonely and he fashioned woman from his rib. So we can safely deduct that for every man there should be one woman, a mathematician could probably create an equation to sum it up. Nowhere in his teaching was it said that he plucked another rib from Adam and made another woman for him when Eve was not available. I think he wanted us to be happy but some persons have taken it upon themselves to incorporate sharing themselves with others as a way of life and I think it is wrong. How do you think God feels when he looks down at his children and sees how much they have strayed or do you even think about it?

The reasons why men cheat centered on sex but some men told me that it was on a deeper level, saying that men crave attention just as much as women do and I found it shocking that they admitted that to me. They continued to say that women sometimes pay more attention to their jobs and their female friends and stop paying them as much attention as they did before. It is at this time that they get “emotionally weak” and when another woman starts to pay them the attention that they crave, they are so appreciative that they find themselves cheating. At the end of it all, many of them realize the error in their ways after the burden of the guilt becomes too much for them to bear and their woman is back to giving them the attention that they desired. As they went on to explain, it is not easy to stop the affair once it has started because they have no control over the “power” that the other woman has on them. Most of the time, the outside lady knows that he is involved in a relationship but is not bothered because he is giving himself and his time to her as well. In a situation like this who is at fault or who is to blame?

The next reason why men cheat is due to their partner not being the most diverse in experimenting especially when it comes to lovemaking. I found this one particularly funny when I heard it. Am I to assume that once I as a woman refuse to “experiment” with you that you would cheat on me until you have found someone who is a master at it? Well I wish you luck as many of you will get bored when you start to realize that there is no satisfaction to be achieved in living the fast life and the life of experimentation. Have you ever noticed what happens when you hold a test tube over the furnace for too long? It starts to darken and the liquid evaporates, you can interpret the test tube as yourself, the furnace as the outside life that you seek to live and the liquid as your life. Why are you willing to risk the relationship that you are a part of and insult the love that a woman has for you? Is it only so that you could experience a moment or two of pleasure and if so, I don’t understand? 

Maybe there are other reasons why men cheat but the article can only be so long so I end it here and as usual I leave you with a thought or two and this pertains to both sexes as I am not discriminating. The next time you feel like you are not getting the attention you deserve from the woman or the man who professed to love you, ask the women or the men who lost their partner and would love to have another second with them. Cherish the relationships that you are in and if you find that you are no longer happy due to whatever reason, leave before you cause pain on yourself and your partner. Try thinking about someone other than yourself and make an adult decision – choose to love one and not lust all. 

 Let me know your thoughts


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