Dating – What really happens

Holding Hands shadow on sand
Holding Hands shadow on sand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I am 31 years old and maybe I have been secretly waiting for my Mr. Right, Mr. Do It Good or just a plain Mr. Being single for 6 years has made me somewhat cautious when it comes to dating, not because the world is full of freaks but because I am looking for something specific; something which I would know when I see it. I could have easily written a book that would help young ladies when they step out to date but I turned to my blog instead about the dos and don’ts.

I swear I have now perfected how to look interested as I have had to endure countless hours listening to the some men talk about themselves so much that I really started believing that I was an interviewer. Nothing turns me off more than the man who loves to hear himself talk, what the hell!! So now I have suitable responses so it would seem like I am genuinely interested. “Hmmm” is used when I am “stumped” for any better use of the word and really don’t know what else I could do to hide the look of boredom that is threatening to come. “Okay”: when my energy is dwindling and if I had enough I would run out of there like I was a blazing inferno; however the fact that dessert often doesn’t come by then keeps me seated. “Really”: is used when he seems  to be so happy about an accomplishment that is as spectacular as the last ant bringing food back to the nest.

So I decided to open up myself to opportunities; to just date. Whoever comes my way had to come for a reason. First up was a sexy, tall, darkie; easy on the eyes and seemed to have a good head on his shoulders as the older folks would say. So he called me almost everyday; points were scored and everything was all fine and dandy until he said “you are ringing up my credit”; but still I exhaled and endured on. Next came the invitation to the movies, he sent me a list of what was showing and asked what I wanted to go and see and all I could think was “how proactive he was”. So I called him and told him my choice and then he said, “So you do know that you have to pick me up right because I can’t come all that way for you”. One would think I lived on Mars, well maybe he did.

Dating is really hard or even impossible for an educated lady with standards, or have I set my standards too high? What do you think? I thank God for the experiences though because they are a source of entertainment for my friends and for me.


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