What it means to miss someone

In the past year I have lost someone who I considered a friend. We had met the year before and in that short space of time we had become friends. The kind of friend where you weren’t scared to share intimate details of your life with and the kind of friend who would always be there no matter what. We often hear people say that we often take those who are closest to us for granted and truth be told; maybe we do. One minute he was here, the next minute he was sick and a while later he died and it threw me into a tailspin. I had never lost a friend before but after hearing so much recounts from others about the man he was to them I realized

Short-tailed albatross fledges June 13, 2011
Short-tailed albatross fledges June 13, 2011 (Photo credit: USFWS Pacific)

what an impact he had on others as well.
It also made me appreciate my friends a lot more than I had before, made me cherish every moment I share with others and made me let my guard down and live. Life is to be lived without regret and as the anniversary of his death nears, the memories of him flood me. Hearing him tease me over a guy I would ask for advice on or having his smile radiate a room he was in; these small things will forever remain with me although he is not here in body.


4 thoughts on “What it means to miss someone”

  1. Your words a very touching. I know the Lord wanted me to see this simply because of the places I have put myself for most of my life. The thought of being unguarded brings music to my spirit.

    Thank you,

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