My purpose is to live

In an earlier blog I spoke about when we put people on pedestals and why do we do it? Is it that these people are super heroes to us, people that will never let us down? I have put a lot of people on pedestals, sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally. It’s like when we heard growing up not to put all your eggs in one basket and as I get older I understand how all of these proverbs actually manifest into being.

We put all of this trust and effort into people that would let us down because as we always defer the blame and say it’s all human nature? Human nature…sometimes I think some of us belong to the animal kingdom as opposed to the human one. We hurt people; we may not set out to but we do, either with our words which may cut as sharp as a knife or it may be caused by our actions or lack of. Sometimes I thank God for music because it is my only solace besides writing – it’s all about expression because without it I would crumble. I always remember that line in Whitney Houston’s song when she said “she never crumbled” as to crumble would mean that it would take a hell of a long time to rebuild. Sometimes I wonder what is life’s purpose, what are we to do here, or we to sit and just learn lessons and then what? But maybe it is not to be questioned because any day above ground is a good day. It’s a day to love someone even though they may not love you back, it’s a day to laugh til you cry, it’s a day to see a baby smile and dream ab

Life-Of-purpose-Qw (Photo credit: QuotedWallpaper)

out what your kid would look like and most of all it is a day to be hopeful because as dreary as something may feel, there is always hope and personally for me; I’m always living in hope and waiting for my reward to come because I more than deserve it and by hell or high-water I will get it. My purpose is my drive and will power. It is my patience and understanding. It is the art of getting up when I should stay down or surrender. My purpose is to live!!!


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