Stop the Twerking nonsense

I have always loved music and watching people create dance moves but then I was introduced to a YouTube video with two young ladies “twerking”. After watching for about a minute I got thoroughly disgusted and stopped it. I don’t even know what I could possibly compare it to besides some act of vulgarity which people decided to record and upload. The most shocking thing as well are the likes and comments that follow such videos and the other videos which also came up; it was almost like people kept posting in an attempt to see who could twerk better.

These girls in the videos are someone’s children, grandchildren, nieces or even babysitters but somewhere along the road of this life they thought, “hey why don’t we degrade ourselves by wearing something tight and bounce our butts to music”. My response to them is, “please have more respect for yourselves”. Maybe you didn’t think it through much when you started to record but somewhere down the line someone is going to give it to your children and how are you going to explain yourself when you would be trying your hardest to instill values in them. How would you explain that mummy had a time in her past when she twerked on YouTube and all their friends are disgusted and don’t take you seriously either.

As a young woman, as life continues on, I realise that to receive respect from men and society we must first demand it and earn it. A man would like butts bouncing to music in this twerking nonsense but at the end of the day would they really settle with the girl in one of these videos or would they settle for a woman who is more discrete and respected. Think about it; I may be harsh but I expect more from the young women of today. It’s not that I am being judgemental but in today’s world of pedophiles; is this a video of yourself that you really want floating around on the Internet.

Recently I have seen headlines of young girls being expelled from school because of the same twerking which they did in school. Of course I also realize that some of these videos are done by males and to you I say the same thing; that respect is key. The fact that young children are being expelled is concerning because to be expelled over something like that is disheartening. This is your school life; a time that you can’t get back or get a second chance at. You only pass that way once and as you leave high school and enter college; yourtwerking will be on your record for life, it will be on the Internet for life unless it is flagged for sexual content and removed.

Parents can only do so much; many of them don’t even know what their children are up to behind closed doors sometimes but never in their wildest dreams would they think that it is something as vulgar as twerking. If you want to do a silly dance try the Gangham or Harlem Shake, something that people may laugh at rather than hang their heads in shame. Young boys and girls have respect for yourselves and society will respect you; don’t pout and complain that you aren’t understood and say this is what you are good at. Vulgarity is nothing to be proud of or to flaunt around on the Internet; do good in the world and show the world what the youth of today are capable of because I know that you are the adults of the future and you have so much more to offer.



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