Who can say where the road leads…..


  There is something that happens to your spirit when you have a dream that you aren’t fulfilling or living. Slowly but surely something starts to take over and you are no loner yourself, you lose focus over the smallest things and you just sit there…staring blankly at the canvas of your life. Trying to find freelance writing jobs can be the most painstaking thing ever but thank God for my blog.

We all have dreams and as we get older we decide which ones are worthwhile and which ones are just dreams. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet, I longed to be close to these animals that I loved but then it hit me; what would you do when you have to put them to sleep because that is a part of the job sometimes. So that dream was cancelled and I started fresh. I knew that I wanted to get married and have kids, probably two, a boy and a girl and because I love baking and cooking; my household would be satisfied. Love would flow freely from me to them because that is who I am; he hopeless romantic who this cruel world tries to turn into a cynic. However like any dream we have to compare that to reality, you get older and you realize that 1) it takes two to tango, marry and create babies and that 2) finding lasting relationships is sometimes fleeting; well to me anyhow.

So I took all of my relationship hits and misses and wrote a book a few years ago. At first it didn’t start off as me wanting to write a book; it was just something that I started typing when I had some downtime in the office and then my friends wanted more. They wanted to know how it ended and as intrigue would have it; I wanted to know how it ended too so I continued to the end. I looked around for publishers and like any first time writer I chose a publisher that probably benefited more from my book sales than I did. If I am anything it is that I am resilient  life can throw as much lemons and I will catch each one and squeeze them into a quenching glass of lemonade.

Truth be told, I have always loved writing, even at school I would sit and doodle and write poetry or create a short story. My friends have urged me on a lot, without them my blog probably won’t exist but it is my canvas and I can do whatever I want on it. I could go sailing on the Mediterranean, tour Dubai, take an African safari, I can even pretend I am with Vin Diesel and the rest of the gang as we race through the streets of Tokyo, Brazil and LA. I can anchor my yacht and sip margaritas with my girlfriends as we flirt with cute guys and help out starving people around the world. I can do it all with just my creative mind and a blank piece of paper; but what I really want to do is take people on this exciting journey with me. Buckle up guys…….we are in for a journey.


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