Gay rights

Growing up I didn’t know much about the whole “being gay” thing until I was much, much older. It probably existed but it was never talked about, to me it was right up there with those elephants in the closet that no one wanted to talk about. What I did know about though was discrimination and being a young black female meant that I learnt the definition of discrimination firsthand.

I remember watching “The Color Purple”, probably when I was a teenager; it wasn’t because I had rented it but it showed on the local television network so I sat and watched it and from then I have had a soft spot where it came to Oprah and where it came to my ancestors. To say that black people went through hell would be the proverbial understatement of the century. To see how my ancestors were treated abused, raped and discriminated made me cringe. I sat and cried as I watched it, it didn’t matter that this was a movie because these events happened and in some places this is probably still happening. That is when I realized that as a people, no one is more superior than the other. I’ll leave my stance on racial discrimination until another time but what I want to speak about is gay rights.

How different are we as a people when we discriminate against those who choose to be gay, I am not gay and it shouldn’t have to matter but what I do have and am blessed with are some friends who are gay. Looking at them no one can tell because they look just like you or me, they get sad, they hurt, they get angry because they are human and honestly who they choose to love is really up to them. I have heard people say that you don’t have to be a tree to stand up for environmental rights and I don’t have to be gay to stand up for gay people. They deserve just as much freedom as the black man riding the bus.

I have seen happiness in their eyes and this is more happiness than I have probably ever seen. The discrimination of race is just like the discrimination of being gay. Yes I have an issue with men who live on the down low and that is not because they are gay but because they lie to their wives, they lie to their families but when I think about it and I think about it really hard I have to honestly ask myself why would they lie. The answer is simple, it’s because of the society that we live in where someone is discriminated, judged and avoided based on a lifestyle. A lifestyle which is a part of who they may be and for a black man especially trying to make a name for himself it would be hard for him to admit who he really is but I think you should always be true to who you are, what you believe in and who you love.

Recently I have started watching “The Fosters” which is centered around a gay couple who adopt kids and show them just how much love there is in the world today and in the season finale they got married but one of their dad’s didn’t approve of it and she stood up to him and told him he didn’t have to come but what stood out for me was a song that played as they danced with their kids. “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and I have never heard a song which encompasses

Gay Couple in Military pants holding hands on ...
Gay Couple in Military pants holding hands on the CSD 2006 in Berlin Making Love Not War (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

all my beliefs and the dreams I have that this world change and stop the discrimination against our people. We are not God and who are we to judge, the Pope was correct in his statement and I stand firmly behind it. Take a peep at the music video and join in the fight to stand together as a people and support and not destroy the rights of people who choose to have same love for people of the same sex.


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