Who Said Dreams Don’t Come True

I had finally arrived in Canada, after so much years of longing for an experience in this beautiful country, I was finally here. As soon as the plane landed, my heart somersaulted in jubilation and there was a broad smile on my face. Anyone sitting there watching me would have probably thought I had won the lottery or had felt a baby kick in my stomach for the first time but alas it was nothing like that; only that one of my dreams had finally come true.

I moved through Immigration and Customs like a breeze, I was here to have fun and start my vacation. For years my vacation plans had escaped me, I had always wanted to experience a cabin in the woods and my friends had thought that I was crazy because no one ever wanted to vacation in the woods, well now except for me. From a young child, I had watched movies featuring a cabin in the woods, the majestic fireplace, the chopping of wood, the trees, the beautiful surroundings and the animals. Let’s not forget the animals, I had once told a past love of my deep longing to see a bear in person and he had laughed while I sat there quietly listening to his bursts of laughter but I was serious and this he soon realized. He told me that bears open doors and kill people and that seemingly fascinated me even more. Now this was my time; this year I had more time and I could have planned it different.

Finally outside now, I had time to take in all of my beautiful surroundings, of course one thing that was “in my face” was how cold it was. I think this was what they were talking about, the cold, being from Barbados our coldest nights were nothing compared to this. I laughed to myself knowing that when they asked me how the flight was that they would be silently listening for me to cry and ask why they allowed me to come but I was stronger than that. I would sound elated and tell them that it was fantastic and I was having the time of my life.

My past love who had laughed at me had lived here but it was not the occasion for us to hook up. He was in the past and as much times as we would return to each other’s embraces this was not it. He had wanted both of us to move on and as hard as it might have been for me to hear that I knew it was for the best. Every time he had called before my trip, I had remained mum on what I was doing for my vacation, I didn’t lie, I just changed the subject. Seeing me turn up on his doorstep or knowing that I was coming was not something in my plans but I had arranged for one of our mutual friends to pick me up from the airport and take me to the cabin.

I waited probably no more than ten minutes before I saw Brett’s jeep in front of me, he smiled broadly as I swung in. He was the one that I had liaised with when I started planning my vacation. He had always told me that even though we had met through Tank that he would always be my friend; my loyal friend too because he never told Tank of my impending visit. We talked and laughed on the journey as I tried to take in as much scenery as I could, we stopped on the way at a little eatery and either I had not realised how much I was starving or the food was really good. We talked briefly of Tank, I wanted to know how he was doing but I didn’t want to know at the same time. I didn’t want to know if he had a girlfriend now; some things were better of not knowing. I wasn’t very good at hiding my thoughts because Brett was quick to ask what was wrong and I lied again and said nothing. He seemed to believe me or at least respected the fact that I didn’t want to talk and changed the subject. He started telling me about the groceries he had stocked the place with, when he had come to Barbados I had showed him around and he had wanted to repay my hospitality since then.

We made our way to the cabin now, the roads were not as bad as I thought they would have been. I was picturing a more rustic setting and soon we came to a stop. Before me stood the most beautiful cabin I had ever seen, not that I had seen that much as I had only seen them online or on television. I opened the door and jumped out from the jeep and my boots sunk deep into the fluffy snow. The crunch the boots made when they impacted the snow was exciting and I tried not to stay there too long because my feet would soon start freezing as I only wore one pair of socks. He took my bags from the back of the jeep and we made our way up the few wooden steps to my new vacation spot. This would be 3 weeks of the most magical journey I would have ever ventured on in my thirty-two years. He showed me around the house before he bid me adieu, he had some things to take care of and thank God there was a telephone here, I wanted a rustic vacation but I still needed to be practical. He said he would check on me later, we shared a hug – an awkward one too because I stumbled over a floor board and we laughed at it. As I closed the door behind him I did a happy dance and smiled. “Welcome to the best vacation we would ever have, Ms Browne” and me and my alter ego danced some more.

The first week flew like magic, I spent the time exploring my surroundings with a camera I had bought before I left home and a long stick in case I saw anything that needed a beating. It was magical, seeing the snow as it hung onto tree branches and as it continued to sprinkle the earth. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of a deer as it peeped at me before leaping and bounding away. Deer were as shy as the Black Belly sheep we had back home, I guess somehow they were all related. After days of exploration, I would resort back to the cabin and work on my writing. A few years back, I say a few years because I could never remember exactly when I had published my first book, “The Dream to Reality: Marianne’s Story”. Sometimes I would Google myself so that I could remember that part of my life when I was blissfully happy and thought that it would never change but trying to recollect that time now only brought a tear to trickle down my cheek. What was the book about? The book was about an Accountant, so lost in both her professional and personal life and she had sought refuge in the arm of many an undeserving man until she rekindled a relationship with one of her school mates. I usually go the fictional route but this story was part truth as the man did exist. He was a school mate and I had loved him with every fiber of my being until he broke my heart. He broke my heart before I could have finished the book, I often thought that maybe if I had finished it before and not procrastinate so much that he would have stuck around. There were so many “what if” moments that I went through but I still went ahead and published it, the royalty cheques stopped coming but through it all the story was out there. I even made the ending great, I didn’t speak of the heartache I endured but instead spoke of marriage and the beginning to our new life; a beginning that never happened.

For more of the story, I will publish the link later so you guys can read up on my fictional adventure. I will publish it on Triond but it first has to be approved so once that is done I will upload the link under the same title as this. Feedback is welcomed….


4 thoughts on “Who Said Dreams Don’t Come True”

  1. Love “Cabin in the Woods.” It is amazing but, is it real or a”hope to be?” I hope to have you meet my friends Jeff and Kelly Drumonds when you visit. Their “up close and personal” encounters with bears will have you shaking in your boots while simultaneously rolling with laughter. I have a favorite “cabin in the woods”
    location of my own at Lake Tahoe in California–heavenly. Fjanis

  2. It is a hope to be…I have never experienced it but I wish to someday. It’s on my bucket list of things to do! I bet even after the story I would still want to experience it, I am an adventurer. LOL..I added some more to it and will publish the link once I have finished the entire story.

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