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What is good music again?

The Grammy’s were a couple of nights ago and I know that because of the rampant Facebook posts which I saw going back and forth giving a ball by ball or should I say a note by note coverage of everything that happened. I didn’t even need to turn on the TV because I just had to refresh Facebook every time I Thought another act was due to come on. My dislike for the Grammy’s has nothing to do with some of the singers per say but the fact that some of those singers have seemingly come so far when the likes of people like Atlantic Starr, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men and many of the singers who I regard the best ever have seemingly stopped playing on the airwaves. Now these sounds are replayed with the likes of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and lest not forget Miley Cyrus.

During one of my refreshing moments I realized that some gay and straight couples were married and an uproar was born. My take on that is…BRAVO!!! I am no one to judge anyone when my ancestors slaved under the cry and lash of whips as they worked on the plantations under the white man so much years ago. I think gays have faced as much scrutiny and disgust as my ancestors by people who are not God. If you for yourself as an individual know that you are straight, like how I love men then worry not about the lifestyles of others. We were not put here to judge!

Back on track now, I miss these old time songs; oh my gosh, they have now been classified as “old time” because we have to listen to junk now strung together with a melody and classified as music. There are some acts which I love, some modern day acts who seem to have a bloodline set in soul and harmony. Where you can close your eyes and be taken away by their voices when you had a bad day and need to unwind. Who are these people? Well none other than: Adele, Fantasia, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and a few others. 

Take a listen to this and tell me if it can even come close to “Wrecking Ball” 

Bring back the R&B and bring back the love!!!!